tankless-water-heaters-showcaseTankless Water Heaters

With our precisely engineered tankless water heaters, you can count on Rinnai to deliver an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it - even for multiple tasks at the same time. Plus, they feature space-saving design and ultra efficient performace for monthly energy savings.

Inside a Tankless Water Heater

Inside-Rinnai-Tankless-Water-Heaters1. Concentric Vent Stack
     Provides superior joint fit plus quick installation.

2. Dual Pipe Vent Option
     Allows for maximum flexibility with PVC/CPVC for intake and exhaust.

3. Burner & Gas Manifold
     Lower minimum BTU's maintain constrant temperature at lower flow rates.

4. Primary Heat Exchanger
     (Copper) High heat transfer properties and proven reliability.

5. Secondary Heat Exchanger
     (Stainless Steel) Corrosion resistant to handle condensate

6. Integrated Condensation Trap
     Provides a convenient method for condensation to collect, away from the heat exchanger.

7. Built-in Circulation Pump
     Get hot water faster! Recirculation capability, with or without a dedicated recirculation line, provided by thermal bypass technology which includes an integrated pump, iternal bypasss line and thermal bypass valve so there's less wait time for hot water.

8. Internal Bypass Line
     Allows for internal recirculation of water in the unit.

9. Modulating Gas Valve
     Abilitity to modulate gas input in small increments. Greater modulation saves energy.

10. Built-in Surge Protector and PC Board
     Added PC Board protection.